Friday, March 23, 2012

Coming Soon...

Remi Faun White

Due: July 18

We are so excited!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Swimsuit Giveaway

Super Cute swimsuits!!! Let hope I win :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My little Gentlemen!

Today was Bradys first day of Nursery, so I decided that was a good enough reason to spend a week shopping for new church clothes for both of the boys. I ended up with these awesome little suits! I love them!!!
Unfortunately Brady wasn't nearly as in love with nursery as I was with there outfits! 10 min. into Sunday School his teacher brought him to us and said she was afraid he might hurl... he was so upset!!! He really is the polar opposite of Rowdy, when we dropped Rowdy off for his first time in nursery, he ran in and never looked back. They have never had to come and find us for any reason with him. I have a feeling I am going to be hanging out in nursery for awhile with Brady.
On the bright side, had Brady actually hurled, he would have looked good doing it!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Go Cardinals!

Anyone that knows me, also knows I am not much of a sports fan...but when I saw these sweatsuits for the boys I couldn't resist! The only problem with these outfits is when I am out running errands and the boys both have there Cardinals gear on people always try and talk sports with me! I just stand there nodding my head acting interested. I never have a clue who they are talking about or what great play I never saw.

I never thought I would ever dress my boys alike. I guess I was wrong :( They have tons of matching PJs, and I love when they are running around my house before bed sporting the same sleepwear. But after buying matching outfits they actually leave the house in, I will never judge anyone with 6 kids all in the same shirt again! :)
I had to call and ask Jimmy what team we like...

Go Cardinals!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Candy Man

Rowdy and I went trick-or-treating together, Brady and Jimmy stayed home to pass out candy it was pouring ran and freezing cold, I just didn't have the heart to send Brady out!
While I was making dinner before we went out, I caught Brady sitting on his table digging threw the candy bowl like a mad man. He was so excited to find some candy and no one around to regulate it. After I found him, I put him in his high chair and let him go, he loves sweets and was in heaven. Apparently he spend most of the night sitting on that table digging around in the candy. I can only imagine how much candy he got he daddy to share with him, while Rowdy and I went begging for candy around my neighborhood!


This year Rowdy wanted to be Spiderman, Iron man, Batman, Superman, The hulk, and Captain America...We finally settled on Spiderman! He is a complete nut case when it comes to super heroes, he eat, sleeps and breaths anything supernatural. He really took Halloween seriously and spent most of the day jumping off of everything, doing killer moves and and chatting about how cool he was :)

Brady was a sweet, adorable little blue monster. He was so cute in his costume and it was hard for Jimmy and I not to smother him in kisses all day!

Talking about how awesome he is!

Doing some really sweet moves!

Brady wasn't sure what was going on for sure but he new whatever was going on was fun, and it involved candy...he was sold!
Rowdy with two of his preschool teachers! They did a big Halloween party, he had so much fun. He is loving this preschool almost as much as I am!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gardner Village

Jami and I took the all of the kids to Gardner Village today. This place has tons of really fun Halloween stuff, and tons of really cute little shops.

Rowdy was in heaven getting his face painted for the first time, he new exactly what he wanted...a Dragon!

It was funny watching him being so serious about it, this is the longest he has ever held still.

Brady is so easy going right now, I just love taking him places. He is so pleased just being out and about.

Rowdy loves his cousins. Him and Kiara held hands almost the entire outing.

These witches where all over the place, making witches brew, hula hooping, bike riding, dancing, they even had one dressed up in a fireman costume spraying water everywhere.
Rowdy getting sick of mom taking way to many pictures.

We had such a good time, the air was crisp and cool, and there where beautiful fall leaves all over the place. I am beginning to feel like this place is our home. And I am being to like it! The delicious fudge they had at this cute candy shop might have helped.